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Automation PLC & SCADA, Rectifier, Service repair Servo & Inverter
Electrical Services

Providing a range of
 Factory Industry 


Repair Industrial Electrical Equipment

Repairing various types of electrical equipment (components) on an industrial scale including repairing Variable Speed ​​Drive (VFD) or better known as the Inverter, Servo Repair both the motor and drive, repairing instrumentation equipment such as Flow meters, pressure transmitters, level transmitters etc


Control Panel PLC

Includes Designing, Constructing and testing the functions of the control work performed.



Provides Control Panel Rectifier manufacturing services up to 5,000A DC to be applied to various industrial needs such as for Electro plating, Electro Chlorination Power Supply and Power Supply for waste water electrolysis processes.


SCADA System

Provide a good system to meet the needs of data acquisition, network data communication, data presentation in an easily understood format and presents a system control and monitoring of a process that wants or is being carried out.


Equipment Test

A. Function Test.

B. Loop Test

C. Test Commissioning Instrument Tools


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