SCADA System

SCADA System

Provide a good system to meet the needs of data acquisition, network data communication, data presentation in an easily understood format and presents a system control and monitoring of a process that wants or is being carried out.
Our SCADA system can present data / data representation in reporting the status of various sensors both analog and digital through a special computer made by its HMI (Human Machine Interface) or HCI (Human Computer Interface). Access to the control panel can be done locally or through remote control via the website or the Android application.

Audit Energy

Audit Energy Building

Energy audit is a major activity in the context of implementing policies to streamline energy use. Energy audits will affect energy consumption patterns so that it will improve system performance and reduce energy costs. Trust Energy Audit to PT. AMUSINDO TEKNIK

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Electrical Services

We will give you a different solution, its not only hardware and software, but we will provide solution based on total cost ownership and integrated process. PT. Amusindo Teknik have good experience for installation and commissioning industrial factory and Building Management.


Industrial Factory

  • Control Panel PLC
  • SCADA System
  • Power Electronic
  • Repair Industrial Electrical Equipment
  • Equipment Test


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